WIS GM: Social media allows citizens to police the police

The following Perspective is an expression of opinion by the Editorial Board at WIS, and presented by General Manager Donita Todd:

Three separate incidents of law enforcement vehicles parked in no parking or handicapped spots got the online comment sections of our web site buzzing last week.  Both the Irmo and Columbia police departments immediately took action by disciplining or ticketing the offending officers.  The Lexington County Sheriff's Department, however, decided their deputy was not violating the law, but was instead parked in a so-called buffer zone.

All three photos of these parking infringements were taken by WIS viewers and posted to our Facebook page generating comments that ranged from pure outrage to sympathetic leanings such as cops should be able to park closer to buildings in order to do their jobs.

The bulk of sentiment, however, lies in the fact that law enforcement officers are public servants, charged with upholding the laws, not breaking them.  Let alone the fact that these parking spaces are designed to accommodate wheelchair loading and unloading and not just someone with a handicap placard in their windshield.  Kudos to the Irmo and Columbia police departments for quickly admitting wrong-doing and not trying to make lame excuses for flagrant parking violations.  Smart phones and social media make it tough to escape the public eye in today's world.  Lesson learned?  we'll see.

That's my perspective.  Thanks for sharing yours.

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