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Rescued reptiles find new home at Alligator Adventures

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Reptiles found in an abandoned home in Wisconsin will be making themselves at home in Alligator Adventures after a zoo nursed them back to health.

Gianna O'Keefe, Marketing and Resource Development Manager for Racine Zoo said five rattlesnakes, two American alligators, one Nile crocodile, one alligator snapping turtle, and one Gila Monster were found in a home in Kenosha County in May after someone called about seeing reptile corpses in the back yard.

The police officers that responded found these animals in bad condition without fresh water. The rattlesnakes were not clean, and the crocodile and alligator were roaming loose in the house.

The Racine Zoo nursed each animal back to health.

A caregiver from Alligator Adventures drove to Wisconsin and loaded the rehabilitated animals on his truck to bring back to South Carolina.

The person that had the animals was not fined, but the courts got involved helping find the animals a home. In Kenosha County it is not legal to house these types of reptiles, but it is legal in other parts of Wisconsin.

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