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The Big Mo wins new $80K digital projector in contest


South Carolina's landmark drive-in theater has just learned it's receiving a much-needed donation to help it stay in business.

Honda's Project Drive-In will give Monetta's The Big Mo a brand new $80,000 digital projector.

Thanks to donations and more than 2.5 million total votes, The Big Mo is one of nine drive-ins across the country to get the upgrade.

Project Drive-In gave away five brand new digital film projectors to other drive-ins around the country. The Big Mo was not among the original five winners.

Honda then opted to give away four more projectors and extended the window to let drive-in theaters fans vote on who deserves them the most.

The drive-in's owner, Richard Boaz, says his business needs these new projectors because film distributors are phasing out 35mm film prints in favor of all-digital movies. Boaz says he still needs two more digital projectors and even more money to renovate the projection booths.

The Big Mo has been in business since 1951.

According to Honda, there are 368 drive-ins left in America. Many of them face closure if they don't convert to digital projection by December 31.

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