Newtown parents continue to speak out on guns

BOSTON (WCVB) - Parents of the victims of the Newton, CT shooting massacre spoke in support of tougher gun laws on Friday in Boston.

It's been eight months since a gunman killed 26 people, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The massacre touched off a national debate over gun ownership and background checks.

"This is my son Daniel," said Mark Barden, holding a picture of his son. "He was seven he was murdered in his first grade class."

The parents of the slain children wear the shoes that no one wants to walk in. Parents like Barden and Nicole Hockely lost their children to gun violence in December's massacre at Sandy Hook.

"It's hard to wake up in the morning," said Barden. "Every minute of the day, there's a trigger that reminds you that our children have been murdered."

On Friday, the parents were in neighboring Massachusetts for the fifth and largest hearing in the region this year on tightening gun laws in the Baystate.

"I can't be a good role model to my surviving son Jake, honor my son Dylan or the others that died with him without doing something that makes this from being a senseless tragedy to something that prevents other deaths," said Hockely.

They are pushing for universal and stronger background checks, prohibitions on assault rifles and a crackdown on gun trafficking.

Despite the emotion for the parents of Sandy Hook, there was significant opposition.

"None of this legislation that's been proposed would have changed the events that happened in their town," said pro-gun supporter Dan Issler Webster. "We use guns to protect everybody, but our school children and we think the right answer is to make them susceptible to danger by making it a gun free zone. It doesn't make any sense."

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