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USC plan details new private dorm behind Carolina Coliseum

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A plan submitted by the University of South Carolina to the city of Columbia's design/development review commission details a new mixed-use commercial property and private dormitory right behind the Carolina Coliseum and the new Darla Moore School of Business.

The plan, which the university calls a public-private partnership with a "top-ranked development team," would create a new 919-bed dormitory and 782-car parking complex in the place of two student parking lots on Park Street and Lincoln Street.

The university says the project is of a "fast-track nature" and they look to begin construction in the area in March 2014 with a potential completion date of July 2015.

Documents filed with the city show off the design of the project that includes a pool, a volleyball court, several retail spaces, and a fitness center all within the area of the dorm.

Along with the new buildings, USC's designers will look to update the landscape in the area to accentuate the dorm's style.

"Various parts of the site will be defined by USC's distinctive brick and "wrought-iron" walls. A small number of existing street trees will be removed to facilitate the construction of the buildings and additional trees will be planted to compliment the street trees that will remain, particularly in the plaza and courtyard areas," the document said.

"There is a huge amount of activity," said Delk. "That's the result of a couple of things. Several years ago, the city of Columbia changed the zoning codes which allowed for bedroom units in certain parts of the city, so Innovista is one of those to drive activity in the Innovista area and the area generally surrounding Innovista. That has driven a huge amount of housing coming into the city."

USC officials discussed the plan with development commissioners at a meeting Thursday afternoon.

The filing of the plan comes as a private developer is converting the old 21-story Palmetto Center on Main Street into housing for around 800 students.

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