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Neighborhood complaints prompt investigation into campaign signs

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Thousands of political signs will dot the landscape between now and November. They help establish a candidates identity, but sometimes they're placed in locations that violate, county, state, and federal laws, and they can be a threat to public safety.

That's exactly what people in one community say they've been dealing with.

The entrance to the Richard Street Community just off of Atlas Road is busy all day.

"There are big trucks coming in and out of the street and lots of cars and that makes it even harder to see when they're coming in," said neighbor Betty Jacobs.

Residents have also had to navigate around a Moe Baddourah for Mayor campaign sign.

"You have to pull out all the way into the road to see, and that could be dangerous with all of the cars coming along while you're there," said Jacobs.

We found you have to pull half a car length past the stop sign to get a good view of oncoming traffic. Residents complained to Baddourah's campaign and they responded.

"Even where it is now it's hard to see, but it was closer to the road before," said Jacobs.

In emails exchanged between the community president and the campaign manager, the campaign manager says he already moved the sign back some seven feet.

"They promised to take it down, yes, and that's been about three weeks ago," said Jacobs.

Baddourah's campaign told us the sign was removed on Tuesday afternoon.

They weren't the only campaign with sign issues. We found Steve Benjamin for Mayor signs that are also on the right of way, which is against sign regulations. Signs can't be in the right of way in the median, ditches, or on a bridge or utility pole or on the interstate exit or entrance ramps. The Department of Transportation and Richland County officials say they're no way to patrol ensuring all the signs are legal. They rely on you to point out the signs that might pose a safety risk.

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