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In military-supporting SC, many weary of involvement in Syrian conflict

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The American response to Syria especially hits home in South Carolina, a state that strongly supports the military and has made deep commitments to carrying out US policy in the Middle East.

We all know that whenever the US considers or carries out a military action anywhere in the world, there's a strong possibility South Carolinians will have a role. But many here are wary about involvement in the Syrian conflict even in a limited capacity.

These are just some of the thoughts we collected near the U-S-C Horseshoe.

"It's just so gray in terms of who we might support," said University of South Carolina professor emeritus Richard Jennings. "Both of the options are very bad. We're involved in two conflicts right now that are costing lives and a great deal of money. You know on the other hand, we don't want to appear weak."

"I don't know," said Kara Moran. "I just think we should stay out of it because there's a lot more at stake."

For students with ties to other cultures, the possibility of more American military action in the Middle East is just as complex.

"I think they should possibly bomb key Syrian military compounds," said USC student Deema Abuabdo. "Some where these chemical attacks are originating from and just leave. I don't think troops should be over there for any kind of extended involvement."

For some, a proposal allowing Assad to turn over chemical weapons to the Russians is worth further study.

"I'm old enough now to see all of the conflicts we've gotten in over the years and I'm very hesitant about using the military," said Jennings. "My son was in the 82nd Airborne for 6 years in Afghanistan and Iraq and so I support our troops completely. But I would definitely not want to see boots on the ground again this time."

People in general seem very cautious and reluctant to call for a more direct attack on the Syrian government. Part of the problem, as one of those speakers pointed out, there are no good clear options and many Americans are worried this might lead to another extended involvement.

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