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Mold found in Charlotte high school mobile classroom


WBTV has discovered mold on the ceiling of a mobile classroom at a Charlotte high school. A student emailed us pictures of the mold inside of the room inside his English class.

WBTV took the pictures to Charlotte Mecklenburg School officials who say they are aware of the problem.

Tori Exuo, a sophomore, whose Spanish class is in a mobile classroom couldn't believe it when we showed her the pictures.

"Yeah I see it," she said. "Oh my gosh, it's really bad."

She hasn't noticed any mold in her Spanish class but hopes CMS is taking action.

"I want them to clean it," said Exuo. "It's kind of unsanitary."

CMS told us a teacher first reported the mold last Thursday and staff cleaned it on Friday. But they say the mold came back.

Now CMS has a environmental specialist working to sanitize the room and replace all the ceiling tiles so it will be safe for students to return.

Juan Zuluaga, another student, takes french in one of the mobiles.

"That's gross," he exclaimed. "And I'd probably try to get a schedule change."

CMS says that won't be necessary but Exuo says the incident will definitely have her checking her mobile classroom from now on.

"Yeah, definitely," she said. "Oh my God -- that's really gross."

CMS also told WBTV the students will resume their normal schedule in the classroom Tuesday morning.

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