Man pleads guilty to killing wife, then walks free - - Columbia, South Carolina

Man pleads guilty to killing wife, then walks free


A man who shot his wife half a dozen times while she was on the phone with 911 operators pleaded guilty in Caldwell County Superior Court Monday to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to time already served.

71-year-old Larry Peck never denied shooting his wife Glenda in November of 2009, but has maintained all along that he doesn't remember doing it. Peck suffers from diabetes and had been known to go into seizures in the past.

Defense attorney Victoria Jayne argued that medical documentation and testimony from experts indicate that Peck could have killed his wife without even knowing it.

"I see it as someone who got away with murder," said Glenda Peck's son Scott Hardin. He says he has seen Larry Peck show a violent nature while in a diabetic episode but believes the case should have gone to a jury instead of a negotiated ending between the state and the defense.

"I just don't understand," he said.

The shooting happened at 4 in the morning and the victim had called 911 to report that her husband was "acting wild." She told operators that Peck had some medical issues and that she was afraid he might hurt her.

The phone was dropped and dispatchers heard loud noises. By the time rescue crews arrived, Glenda peck was dead.

Larry Peck was found in a closet and was charged with her death.

Peck was in jail for two years awaiting trial on murder charges before defense attorneys convinced a judge to allow Peck to be freed on $35,000 bond.

He was allowed to live in New Jersey with relatives pending the trial.

"I am deeply sorry for all that happened," said Peck as he left the courthouse Monday afternoon.

He still maintains he doesn't remember what happened the night his wife was killed. Peck still faces some legal troubles.

Civil suits, including one for wrongful death have been filed against him.

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