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Suicide resources available 24/7 for USC students

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With students heading back to class, the pressure of grades, friends and money are all very real.

"Anyone can struggle at any given time and what I think is really important is that no one put judgment on someone else," USC suicide prevention coordinator Jennifer Myers said.

Substance abuse, eating disorders and being home sick are some common issues that are seen, Myers said.

Students and faculty are also trained in suicide prevention to assist students.

"It's just really important for them to know that they are not the only person in their age group or whoever they may be who is experiencing these problems and that they are people who have been through it [and] have recovered," Changing Carolina Peer Leader Margaret Kramer said.

Group sessions and one-on-one therapy is also available to students at the counseling center.

Over 25 percent of students nation wide struggle with mental health issues, studies show and at USC it's an issue that is too important to not take seriously.

"If someone has made a suicidal comment even if you think they are joking, they need a mental health assessment," Myers said. "The reason I say that is because we joke about things that we really think about so sometimes we say things jokingly that we are really serious about, that has crossed our mind and so even if you think that it is just a pure joke call us and ask because I'm much rather someone feel like they over responding than to under respond."

Resources are available 24 hours a day for students.

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