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WIS GM: Tax increases need to keep up with SC population growth

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The following Perspective is an expression of opinion by the Editorial Board at WIS, and presented by General Manager Donita Todd.

With the election season gearing up, we're going to hear a lot about taxes in South Carolina.  Cutting taxes, raising taxes, collecting taxes and spending taxes.  Separating fact from fiction  when it comes to taxation will be the challenge because every good politician knows that voters can be galvanized around this issue.

But here are some truths to consider:  SC has the lowest per capita tax collection in the country; the 9th lowest cigarette tax in the nation; and the 4th lowest gas tax in the nation.

Lawmakers have shaved almost $30 billion in tax cuts since 1995,  while our state's population and infrastructure needs have continued to grow.  To claim that spending is out of control and taxes are too high is simply disingenuous.    Our roadways are in shambles, education needs are rampant, and our state budget struggles to keep up with population growth.

What I want to hear from politicians this go round is not just how they plan to cut more taxes and rein in spending, but how they plan to move this state forward and pay for the improvements necessary to maintain the quality of life and commerce that South Carolinians deserve.

That's my perspective.  Let me hear yours.

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