Slow Credit Program - - Columbia, South Carolina

Slow Credit Program

It’s All About Life.
At 1st Choice Mortgage, we know that life has its ups and downs. The road can sometimes be rough, and credit records can show the wear.

Whether you have late payments, collections due, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or no credit at all, we will do our best to find a program to fit your situation. Our loans work to help you win your new home or to refinance your current home at low rates. We can even help you on your way to re-establish your credit.

We’ll Help You Get There.
At 1st Choice Mortgage, we find ways to approve loans, not excuses to turn them down.

  • Prior Bankruptcy OK
  • Prior Foreclosure OK
  • Help in Reestablishing Good Credit
  • Expanded Criteria Programs with Low Rates

We’ll help you on the road to re-establish your credit, and to realize your American Dream.

Contact us at 800-862-5006.

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