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Weekend enforcement looks to keep Midlands waterways safe

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A high number of DUI-related incidents in Lexington County meant more resources this Labor Day. Not just on the highways, but also on the waterways.

This weekend's enforcement on the river was paid for through donations from three organizations, hoping to keep this long weekend safe.

Group after group made their way along the river, including Lisa Culp's family from Lancaster, enjoying the last of summer.

"My sister and my niece, they're probably a mile down the river by now," said Culp.

Several weeks ago, West Columbia police made four rescues in one night. It's why their focus was on the water today, both a visible presence, but also undercover officers you don't see.

"We want people to know you don't know if the tuber is an officer, the fisherman's a police officer, the kayaker could be a police officer, we've even had sunbathers as police officers and they let us know if someone is creating a problem," said West Columbia Police Officer Lt. John Norman.

The undercover cops leave marked officers to cite those underage and encouraging everyone to clean up the trash they create.

"We get folk who step on broken glass and then their weekend is spent in the emergency room and we're trying to avoid all of that," said Norman.

It's all in an effort to bring visitors like Lisa Culp back.

"We've already said this is probably going to be a weekend spot for us," said Culp.

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