Perspective: Deal with the devil to close Gabbiee's case

The following Perspective is an expression of opinion by the Editorial Board at WIS, and presented by General Manager Donita Todd:

The recent discovery of Gabbiee Swainson's remains and the sentencing of her abductor and killer, Freddie Grant, produced mixed emotions.  The gut-wrenching story of this promising young woman's disappearance and death gripped the Midlands.  Finding her body and convicting her killer should have brought some closure to this tragedy.

But many have expressed outrage at the so called "deal with the devil" struck with Freddie Grant to bring this case to an end.  Folks are upset that the solicitor's office was vague about that sentencing deal, and many feel that Grant got off too easy with his 30-year sentence running concurrent with the 18-year sentence he is already serving on an ammunition conviction.

One viewer wrote, "How do I express my outrage to Sheriff Lott and Solicitor Johnson for this inconceivable injustice? this horrific act warrants the ultimate punishment, death"!

On the flip side, attorneys and law enforcement officers that we've talked to say that there is often a high price to pay when you're trying to bring closure for a family in a case like this.

I can't  imagine the nightmare of not knowing whether my child is alive or dead for nearly a year.  I can't judge those who made this deal with the devil, but I am glad that this devil has finally been convicted for the heinous crime of taking a precious girl's life.  Rest in peace, Gabbiee.

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