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"We're looking for gangs and guns." Police shift focus in Five Points

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When the South Carolina football game is over, the cheering crowd is looking for somewhere to go.

It's no doubt the Gamecocks fans will make a showing in Five Points, where police say they are ready, targeting the people who they say are giving this part of town a bad name.

"We're looking for gangs and guns," said officer James Crawford.

The crackdown follows several incidents in Five Points that made the news lately. While none has been directly linked to gangs, two employees of a Five Points bar were stabbed this week. And a few weeks ago, two employees of another bar were stabbed. 

Crawford said crime is down, but the police want people to feel safe in Five Points.

"We've had a double digit decrease in just about every arena, even in Five Points, but we decided that we needed to address that perception of crime, and that fear of crime," said Crawford.

Their objective to make the streets more inviting and scare off the people who are causing trouble. Using their predictive police tactics, police say they are targeting much more serious offenses.

"We have a zero tolerance for the gangs and guns, and we're going to address that so stringently, that they're not even going to want to come down here," he said.

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