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Security cameras placed strategically around Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Security cameras are strategically placed in twenty locations around Myrtle Beach, recording your every move. Some are placed along Ocean Boulevard, some along the Boardwalk, some at parks and there are even some cameras placed at apartment complexes that often have a high number of police calls. But, after many viewers wanted to know why there aren't any cameras at beach access parking lots we did some digging to get the answers.

"We try to put them where there's more crimes or more incidences that are likely to happen and that of course is going to be where there's more people congregating," Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes said.

With a price tag of $1,500 per camera, and an additional cost of 24/7 maintenance, new cameras haven't been added to the budget yet. But Captain Knipes said cameras added to the beach access parking lots could be coming in the future.

"There is a monetary effect with the cameras. You also have some maintenance fees that you're gonna have to budget for on a routine basis. So as the economy turns around and things improve we hope that we can get some more cameras going in to different locations that we don't have them in now," Captain Knipes explained.

The Bowery is a restaurant/bar in between Ocean Boulevard and the Boardwalk. Owner Victor Shamah said he has six cameras just on the outside of his building, and they've proven to be successful in deterring crime.

"I've caught so many over the past 12 years. At first it was a joke to all my employees and everybody around the neighborhood but then after awhile when they saw what went on and what we catch it's a big help to me all the time," Shamah said.

Shamah said sometimes the issue with the cameras, both his and the ones that belong to the city is the clarity in seeing what the people who could be possible suspects look like.

"It's always the fact that we can't catch them or they're not clear enough for us to use or see the whole thing," Shamah said.

Captain Knipes said a proposal has not been established but the city hopes to eventually buy more cameras, ones that are more technologically advanced that the ones that are currently posted at 20 different locations around town.

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