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Gaping hole in pond dam causing water issues


People who live along a pond in Blythewood want their water back. We've since learned a break in the pond's dam caused the water to drain, but now there are questions about who should be responsible for fixing the problem.

Residents held a meeting Wednesday night to address that question. The problem is a gaping hole in the pond's dam.

"If you ask anybody who lives on those properties, we purchased those properties mostly because of the water," said Kelly Serafine.

Serafine says she and her other neighbors are committed to getting their water problem resolved, though they're not sure they should have to pay for it.

Serafine says their pond wasn't flooding when the dam broke. Instead she says it was the creek that flows on the back side of the dam that washed the dirt away. That's why they want to talk with state and local agencies to ask who's responsible for the creek which flows along Wilson Boulevard.

"We're willing to do whatever it takes to get our pond back," said Serafine. "However, we feel that there are still some other responsible parties who should assist us in getting our pond repaired."

Serafine says some of her neighbors have been in contact with a contractor, getting the ball rolling on getting a fix in place. But money will be an issue.

Many of the questions asked during the meeting weren't answered, though the Richland County engineers told the residents he would pass their questions along. Most of the answers at the meeting came from the contractor to assess the situation.

"I'm surprised the dam hadn't failed already," said the contractor.

Jimmy Cooper says the problem goes beyond the edge of the pond. It's the creek running along the side of Highway 21 that will have to be delt with. His idea is to put it in pipes, or else he fears fixing the dam might just be a rather expensive bandage.

"I estimate $25,000," said Cooper.

That's money the homeowners say they don't have, so they continue their search for an explanation.

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