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Police: Hot night with "blonde bombshell" blows up in Salisbury man's face


He described her as a "blonde bombshell" wearing a tight white tee shirt and jeans, chatting him up at a local bar, but when the night was over, Joshua Cobb, 25, was talking to police about the date that went very wrong.

According to the Salisbury Police report, Cobb said he had gone to Kahuna's bar on Statesville Boulevard Wednesday night, and that while there, he met a blonde he wanted to spend a little more time with, and he thought, she felt the same way.

After talking at the bar, Cobb, the blonde, three men and another woman left the bar and went to Cobb's house so that he could change clothes.  While there, the blonde sat on the couch and talked with Cobb's grandmother.  Once Cobb had changed in a blue swim trunks and a tee shirt, he and the blonde got back in the car with her other friends and went to a local convenience store to buy alcohol.

According to the report, at some point the car full of friends drove off, leaving Cobb at the store.  A few minutes later the car came back, Cobb got in and off they went.

Minutes later the car stopped at 315 N. Oakhurst Drive.  At that location, Cobb says he was attacked by friends who knocked him to the ground, kicked and hit him.  Cobb said the formerly friendly female also hit him and demanded all of his money.  Cobb complied, handing over $25 and a pack of cigarettes.

Cobb was left at the location while the group drove off.

Police say when they saw Cobb he did have injuries consistent with his story.  Police say the car was a 2000's model white BMW four door.  The people in the car included one white man that is described as a "stoner," with long shaggy hair, a second white man who was thin, a light skinned black man with dreadlocks, a white woman with brown hair, and the blonde, described as ":beautiful," and thin.

In one way Cobb did have the last laugh.  He told police that while at the bar he was actually in possession of several hundred dollars in cash.  When he went home to change clothes, he left all the cash except for the $25 that was later stolen.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or Salisbury-Rowan Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

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