In switch to digital, The Big Mo could be on the ropes

MONETTA, SC (WIS) - One of the last remaining drive-in theaters in the Southeast is in need of upgraded technology because they are facing a deadline that many of you may not even be aware of.

The Big Mo in Monetta, South Carolina needs to upgrade their film projectors to digital projectors by the end of the year because film studios are phasing out 35mm film prints.

The march of technology has put Richard Boaz, the owner of one of the state's only drive-ins, in a bind.

Boaz says the drive-in needs about $200,000 to make the switch to digital. The new projectors cost about $80,000 a piece, and he needs the rest of the money to renovate his projection booths.

But why couldn't Boaz just show older movies instead? He says showing older 35mm prints on a regular basis would be cost-prohibitive and his customers come for first-run releases.

Luckily, Honda has started a contest for drive-in owners around the country. The contest, called "Project Drive-In" will give away five digital projectors to the top vote getters.

But Boaz and The Big Mo need your help and your votes. Go to to vote.

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