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Failing drainage systems often the culprit in flooding troubles

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Some people in the Midlands are dealing with sinkholes, erosion, and backed up drainage pipes caused by this soggy summer weather.

A common issue that's popped up this summer are failing drainage systems. The owners of one West Columbia home are afraid it just might be washed away in the next rainstorm.

"It's the clogging of the drain because when you have a big rainstorm thunderstorm coming in and damaging trees and taking some debris with it in it's flow, what happens most of the time the storm drains and you may have seen this on your own streets is that they get clogged by debris," said USC professor Venat Lakshmi.  

So if it's a repeat problem you way want to call in a professional who cleans up more than just the surface debris before things get out of control.

And many people have complained about cracked roads which can lead to sinkholes.

"Water starts accumulating. It slowly starts infiltrating into the ground and starts creating these pathways into the ground and starts undermining the stability of the soil so if you have a road under which you have this infiltration occurring and the under material becoming weaker and weaker one fine day if you have a big truck or car or something go over it the road will automatically collapse."

And if you are in the market to purchase a home, make sure the where you're building is on solid ground.

"Get an estimate from a geologist, a soil science person, to figure out if this land is good to build on rather you will have landslides especially if you are building out in the country you don't know what kinds of characteristics the land has."

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