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Residents say they're not getting relief in flooded neighborhood

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"We've had a water problem, but nothing like this," said Priscilla Garrick, a 28-year resident of Woodbine Drive in Orangeburg.

Garrick says in all her years, she's seen the water rise in her front yard during heavy rains, but never in the back.

"Monday night it was real bad and somebody had a wreck right there and knocked his mailbox down," she said. "We had water all out here. Last night, it got up to my step."

It stopped at the step, so no water got into the Garrick's home.

"No it didn't get in my house, thank God," she said. "But you see that, it was like that down the road too."

Tuesday night water washed across Woodbine Drive and flooded several yards and seeped into several homes. The road was closed because the water was so deep, but that didn't stop Silvia Adams from wading through it.

She said the water came up to her knees.

"It was raining like cats and dogs," Adams said. "They say when it rains, it pours. This time it was really pouring."

The Orangeburg Christian Academy had a sign on its front door Wednesday to let people know its 100-plus students won't be back in class until next week, after the heavy rain caused several classrooms to leak.

The water is draining. But the Garricks said across the street from their house, that process would go much faster if the drains were cleaned out. Priscillia Garrick says her husband has called the SCDOT several times to let them know the drains are clogged, but no one has showed up.

"He's called several times since Monday, and they said someone would get back with him, and they didn't."

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