Perspective: Welcome back

WIS  Would like to thank our viewers for their continued support during the  recent disruption of our signal on the Dish Network.

Thankfully an agreement has been reached and Dish subscribers can once again enjoy a great lineup of network programming, sports and local news on WIS.

We understand this has been a frustrating time for those viewers, and we appreciate your patience and loyalty during this inconvenience.  We also deeply value your passionate responses to this disruption. It was very rewarding to hear from you that you missed our local news and NBC programming so much and anxiously wanted us back on Dish.

WIS has served this community for nearly 60 years, and our commitment to you and all of the Midlands is stronger than ever. We will strive to continue to provide local news and entertainment that is a critical part of our viewers' daily experience.

Again, thank you for your patience and loyalty to WIS.

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