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New school year starting after tuberculosis outbreak

GREENWOOD, SC (WIS) - It's a county of old plantations and familiar faces.

"Been here 51 years," said Ed Rushton. "Went through every grade of school in Ninety Six"

But children going through school here now have very different challenges to face.

"It was the last day of school and she had a letter in her book bag that said there was a possible contamination at the school," said mother Amy Turner.

After a school janitor was diagnosed with tuberculosis in March, close to 100 parents, teachers and students have also been diagnosed with a latent form of the disease, including Turner.

"I believe I got it from the classroom," she said. "They were scared when they found out 'Oh, She has it. She's going to pass it to us.'"

'We had the first public meeting in the school," said Rushton. 'We had art shows in the school. We had a nursery rhyme day in the school. All this before the testing."

Parents like Rushton and Turner say they blame the school administrator for not acting fast enough.

"They secretly tested 12 people in the spring," said Rushton. "Eight were positive and they still decided not to tell."

School is just a few days away now, and for these parents more sleepless nights are on the horizon.

"They can't say what's gonna happen with us, and Amy having it, even with her on her medication," said Rushton.

"I don't think anything will happen to the school board members until the community comes forward," said Turner.

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