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Motorcycle deaths concern fellow riders

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(WMC-TV) - Within a 24 hour period, two people died in motorcycle crashes in the city of Memphis.

One motorcyclist lost his life on Sycamore View at Interstate 40 in a crash involving excessive speed. Another motorcyclist was struck by an accused drunk driver.

As motorcycle incidents continue happening in Shelby County, Memphis chapter of Buffalo Soldiers vice president says safety for her fellow brothers and sisters on bikes stays on her mind.

"We are responsible for our own safety because motorists don't see us," said Vivian Jackson.

Jackson says riders have to drive not only for themselves, but for motorists as well.

She says the loss of fellow rider, Eric Beasley-Green, who died Thursday in a crash at Mitchell Road and South Third has hit home.

"It hurts my heart because that's somebody that just died before their time, and I know a family out there is hurting," said Jackson.

Fellow Rider "1st" Klaz says she is thankful Beasley was not at fault.

"This is the second rider we've lost ... in a matter of weeks," she said. "It's kind of hard. It hits home. It makes you a little more cautious when you get on your own ... It makes you watch everything that goes on around you."

Meanwhile, Jackson stresses rider safety.

She says The Buffalo Soldiers are an older club, so their daredevil days are long gone, but she says she is concerned for those who enjoy the wild rides.

"Their activity, their negligence could so easily affect someone else, you know. You lose control. You're doing a trick ... You're stunting on the bike ... You lose control of that bike and wipe out the car that's riding near you," said Jackson.

Krishon Harris is behind bars tonight with a list of charges for Eric Beasley-Green's death. Charges include vehicular homicide while driving under the influence.

The driver in the Sycamore View crash was not cited.

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