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HCPD: Teen boy faces charges for kitten's death

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A teen boy is facing animal cruelty charges after a witness claimed he punched a kitten and left it for dead in a pile of leaves.

The Horry County Police report states that crime was reported by witnesses on Sunday, August 4 in the Myrtle Beach area. Two people told police they saw a 13-year-old boy kill a kitten. They heard it screaming, then saw the teen grab the kitten and shove it in the mother cat's face.

The report states the witnesses saw the mother cat attempt to attack the teen boy, but the boy poked the cat with a shovel.

That's when he hit the kitten in the face with a closed fist "until it stopped moving." The witnesses claim the teen tried to bury the kitten as if he knew he had killed the feline.

"He beat it to death and then tried to bury it and just came inside like nothing happened," the witness told WMBF News, "out of nowhere he just started choking it and hitting it with a shovel and he tried to bury it and he couldn't so he threw it under a pile of leaves and went inside and served himself some cake and started laughing with his sister telling her what the animal did before it died."

He was unable to dig a hole big enough with his shovel, so the teen threw the kitten into a large leaf pile, the report states, and that's where responding officers found the deceased animal.

"He[the police officer] asked him[the suspect] how he killed him and if he felt bad about it and he just moved his shoulders to say no whatever not really," the witness said.

The witnesses recorded the boy's actions on a cell phone. After the boy's mother arrived, police gave the boy a summons for animal cruelty and released him into her custody because of his age.

Horry County Police said the teen will go in front of a juvenile judge for his animal cruelty charge.

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