COPY-Smith says not getting complacent key to success


AP Sports Writer

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) - Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith says the reason he's been able to play 12 years in the NFL is because he never allowed himself to get complacent.

The 5-time Pro Bowler says complacency leads to laziness - and lazy is one thing he's not.

Smith, 34, says when looking back at his legacy "a lot of people can say, 'Well, he did this. He punched a guy. He did that. He's this, he's that,'" Smith said. "But one thing you'll never say about me is I didn't work. I'm going to work."

Smith, who has played all 12 seasons with the Panthers, has 11,452 career yards receiving which ranks 23rd in NFL history.

Still Carolina's No. 1 receiver, Smith caught 73 passes for 1,174 yards last season.

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