Cooler than average temperatures to stick around - - Columbia, South Carolina

Cooler than average temperatures to stick around

Good morning!  We'll see some decreasing cloud cover early, getting us to see a great mix of sun and clouds for the rest of the day.  We could see some isolated showers or a possible thunderstorm late into the afternoon, but it's likely that most will stay dry.  Temperatures sit about 5° below average, with highs in the middle 80s Upstate and near 80° in the mountains.  Expect another partly cloudy day Tuesday with cooler than average temperatures in the low to middle 80s.  We could see some isolated showers and thunderstorms into the afternoon as we'll feel the humidity, but widespread rain is not expected.  Midweek we'll bring back mostly cloudy skies with a more significant chance for scattered storms, however we shouldn't see all-day rain.

Looking at some of the longer range models through August, models are showing consistently cooler than average temperatures.  The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting that the middle of the month is expected to be below average by a couple of degrees, so we won't be dealing with those sweltering 90° or above days through the middle of the month.  We've had a very wet year so far, and models show that trend is also looking to continue, with above average amounts of rain expected through the end of August.

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