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Pitbulls one of most euthanized breed of dogs

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Anders the pitbull mix is camera shy, which is hardly the reaction some would expect from a breed that carries such a bad rap.

"They really do, but if you go back into the history of canines, pitbulls were always thought of as being the family dog," said Tracy Johnson from Pawmetto Lifeline. "It's really just the past 10 or 15 years that they've gotten such a bad reputation."

That reputation was co-opted by a generation of dogfighters. These days, pitbulls are euthanized more often than any other breed.

"It is really everything from something that looks remotely like a pitbull to the purest standards of the breed," said Johnson. "They're all euthanized every day."

So for the month of August, Pawmetto Lifeline in Columbia is offering a special they've dubbed 'Primp your Pit', offering spay and neuter jobs for only $20. It's being funded by a grant from PetSmart Charities.

"The issue is overpopulation with this breed," said Johnson. "There are so many animals out there, pitbulls in particular, that are either being intentionally bred indiscriminately, or people are having accidental litters and not realizing someone's not coming to pick up their dog. They'll end up in a municipal shelter, and they'll end up euthanized because there's no way out for them."

Anders is one of the rare pitbull mixes that should wind up adopted.Pawmetto Lifeline is hoping the promotion cuts down on the number of those that don't.

The program runs through August. If you have a pit that needs a fix, call (803) 465-9150 to make to an appointment.

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