Trash, debris floating downstream filling SC lake after NC flooding

LAKE WYLIE, SC (WBTV) - Days of heavy rains are causing flooding in parts of the Carolinas and a different issue on sections of Lake Wylie - trash pileups.

Debris and trash - cans, trash, tires and entire trees - are filling up Lake Wylie. It is all being swept downstream from North Carolina following this weekend's heavy rain.

The Sheriff's Office says there is really no end in sight - saying the lake will get worse before it gets better.

Boaters on the lake on Monday commented about the extra trash in the water.

"It's amazing how bad it is out there," said boater Michael Bradford.

"You name it, it's in the water," said Jerry Neeley. "It's just everywhere."

Neeley was looking to spend a relaxing day on the lake fishing, but said he caught more trash than fish.

Not only is the trash annoying to fishermen and bad for the environment - but it is a safety issue for boaters.

"I hit one going about 20 miles an hour," said Neeley "Fortunately, it was a little stick and it wasn't too bad."

That's one reason the York County Sheriff's office is urging boaters to stay off the lake for the next few days. They're afraid of people getting hurt if they hit a big log or a pile of trash.

"Hopefully by next weekend everything will be fine and back to normal," Sgt. Brent Mabry from the York County Sheriff's Office said.

The York County Sheriff's Office says there isn't a whole lot they can do for this stuff.

The biodegradable stuff will eventually sink back down to the ground - the cans and bottles will eventually end up in the majority of the coves.

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