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Flash flooding damages storage units in Richland County

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Flash flooding drenched 300 storage units at a northeast Richland County storage complex a week ago.

Renters are still cleaning up, and learning a policy change means the damage is not covered by insurance.

Carl Mitchell had been renting one of the units for the past two years. He reopened the unit on Monday to survey the damage.

Mitchell's belongs are covered in mud, but not covered by his rental insurance policy. He says he wasn't aware of that until it was already wet.

"They upgraded the insurance and they say they send a letter, but I never got a letter," said Mitchell.

Andrew Harling, another renter who uses the units to store antiques, said he was "shell shocked."

"Three feet, front to back, side to side, in water and mud," described Harling.

He's glad the flood didn't put him out of business, but it did cost him some cash, and a few antiques.

"About $7,000 so not too terribly bad," said Harling. "Considering what it could have been, it could have been much much worse."

It's bad enough for Mitchell, who says he knows how important insurance can be, now he's trying to just make the best of the situation.

"They were nice about it, but it's just the fact that the coverage wasn't there when it should have been," said Mitchell.

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