Former hotel renovated to condos - - Columbia, South Carolina

Former hotel renovated to condos


Once the Whitney, now 700 Woodrow.

First built in the 1980's as an extended stay hotel, the Whitney quickly became known for it's southern comfort. Now, as brand new condominiums, 700 Woodrow is hoping to attract new neighbors with modern luxury.

"It's going to bring a nice, upscale clientele to shop at shops to eat at the restaurants," said Property Manager Teresa Hodge. "It's really going to help the economics of this area. The best amenity of all is Devine Street."

"This is one of our favorite parts of this restoration," said Hodge. "The granite, the microwave, the smooth top ranges."

"I think it's going to be great for all the businesses on Devine Street," said Keith Stanton, who works at Devine Foods. "I would love having them there, they've got great people running the show and having long term residents, I think it's gonna' be great for long term business."

Construction began in June, and will be wrapping up in early August. Applications are being accepted.

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