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Coyotes wreak havoc in York Co. neighborhood

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A York County woman is speaking out because she's afraid her dogs will be the next victims of a coyote attack.

She says the wild animals are terrorizing her and her neighbors, costing some of those neighbors thousands of dollars.

"It's difficult to explain how scary it is and how sad it is for so many people," said Amanda Smith-Galloway.

Galloway enjoys playing with her three dogs outside her home on Henry's Knob Road, but a nocturnal predator is now making her uncomfortable in her own front yard.

Galloway says coyotes are wreaking havoc in her neighborhood.

"They've eaten one of my domestic animals. An 18 month old puppy, which just broke my heart," she said.

Carolina Coyote & Wildlife Control Trapper Wes Carter sent us a picture of a coyote he recently caught in Kershaw County.

Carter says coyotes are more likely to prey on pets and even small children this time of year in order to feed their newborn puppies.

He's been called out to more properties lately, even Galloway's.

She says her pet isn't the only victim.

Her neighbors are cattle farmers and the coyotes are killing their livestock by the dozens.

"For them that's their living and they can kill a calf in 30 seconds," said Galloway.

She showed us around her property which sits atop Henry's Knob, the highest point in York County.

We found what looked to be like coyote dens on Galloway's property and saw tracks in the ravine behind her home.

Now she fears her worse nightmare may soon become reality.

"One of my dogs is 14-years-old. It would break my heart to come out and see him murdered in my own yard," said Galloway.

Carter says ridge tops are prime coyote hangouts, which makes Galloway's land prime real estate to set up shop.

"It's a horrible situation and something has to be done about it," she said.

York County Animal Control doesn't trap wildlife like coyotes and Galloway says she can't afford a private trapper.

Coyotes are usually scared of humans, but if you ever come face to face with one, you're advised to back away slowly while maintaining eye contact and making loud noises to scare it away.


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