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Powerful thunderstorms cause leaky roof at SouthPark Mall

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Part of the roof at SouthPark Mall started leaking after a powerful thunderstorm moved through Charlotte Wednesday evening.

WBTV Meteorologist Ashley Batey estimated the SouthPark area saw about 2 inches of rain in a short period of time.

WBTV's Brigida Mack took pictures of the aftermath of the leaky roof inside the mall. While there was no water on the floor, there were several cones and signs set out as precaution to shoppers.

Kindrick Anderson, a shopper, recalled what he saw shortly after leaving the mall. 

"You can see where the rain is coming down from the ceiling," he said. "And right now, they have wet floor signs up. And they have a few towels laying down."

He also remembered how powerful the storm was.

"Yeah, it was hailing about 30 minutes," said Anderson." And I was sitting out here for about an hour waiting for it to go down some."

But a leaking roof this time around was nothing compared to the roof collapse at the mall one year ago last Friday. There was standing water in more than one area of the mall and some stores were closed for weeks for repair work.

Anderson wasn't leaving in Charlotte then but hopes the mall investigates to prevent in leaky roofs or worse in the future.

"It can be a major when factor, yes ma'am. Because you know you got a lot of people that come to this mall so I think they should look into it," he said.

We contacted Simon Properties, which owns SouthPark. A representative told WBTV they would have a statement Thursday morning.

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