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USC's Mancke sees changes in South Carolina's climate

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With the sun shining and the mercury climbing, South Carolina legend and University of South Carolina naturalist in residence Rudy Mancke is having a ball.

Along the banks of the Congaree, Mancke is in his element.

Mancke scrutinizes the small stuff -- the stuff you or I would probably miss.

Of course no one could miss the rain we've had, though some wish they could have. It seems like downpours are becoming more common, suggesting things are changing.

"The cards are being re-shuffled," said Mancke. "If this is long term, we're going to have a different look in the world of nature."

Things are already different. The mild winter combined with the earlier-than-expected heat and moisture means more bugs.

While we might not be thrilled with the prospect of more roaches spiders and mosquitoes, knowing that turtles and birds are having a swell time will do little to comfort the water-logged masses, but Mancke says noticing makes a difference.

"The more you know, the more wonderful life is, and it gives you a bit of an edge," said Mancke. "In certain situations, that's not bad at all."

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