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City Public Works scrambling to deal with rains

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Usually the mess at the North Main dog park can be picked up with a plastic bag, but not Monday. A 3-foot wall of debris braided itself into the fence line all because of Smith Branch Creek.

"I think this year we've had enough," said Columbia Public Works Director Robert Anderson of this summer's drenching rains.

Anderson already had his hands full cleaning up a mess in Shandon. A powerful thunderstorm there cluttered roads and drains with trees and branches last Wednesday.

"I think the city got a powerful, localized storm with an enormous amount of rain in a short period of time," said Anderson. "It's happened several times around the city. I don't think you can handle a storm water system that can handle that type of rain."

It hit the whole area, flooding areas that don't normally see flood waters. Neighbors in Forest Acres had a chance to boat around the neighborhood. Parts of Broad River Road became rivers themselves.

"I think some of the problems we're having is that the ground is so saturated with all the water we've had," said Anderson. "You can't get any seepage into the ground, so everything is just running off, so it takes less of a rain to cause localized flooding."

That means Anderson's crews are busy checking drains, which is something you can do in your own neighborhood.

"Be vigilant," said Anderson. "If you see a clogged drain, you can remove the external debris yourself. If you notice a drain not draining, call the Public Works Department so we can take some kind of action to make sure our drains are working properly."

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