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Old growth trees victims of recent storms

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The characteristic canopy that attracts so many to Shandon became bushes after Wednesday night's storm.
"They crushed my dogwood, part of my cherry tree," said Janice Fort,  who was clearing out Friday after a giant limb crushed some of her trees.
"This was almost a mini Hugo," she said. "They were bending down almost to the earth, so violently."

The storm had Time Warner Cable trucks on patrol and city crews doing pick-ups.

"We were still getting calls today," said Sara Hollar with the City of Columbia's Forestry Division. "We probably got over 100."

Hollar has been busy checking behind crews and responding to the bevy of reports that continue to come in.

The wind was only part of the problem. Remember all that rain?

"The ground being so saturated, it made the soil a little looser so it was easier for less wind to knock over the trees," Hollar said.

Friday Hollar reminded homeowners to be vigilant and keep an eye on their own trees before they become projectiles.

"Some of the things we routinely look for are dead limbs, those are easy to spot this time of year because they don't have any leaves," said Hollar. "One of the thing that's harder for most people to recognize are the structural issues."

Issues like molds and fungi. Hollar says if you're in doubt, call a professional to take a look.
City crews will be in and around Shandon throughout the weekend. If you spot a limb or tree that could be dangerous or potentially damaging, call the city.

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