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Mother of 4-year-old shot in gang shooting: "I don't feel safe in the house."

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A 4-year-old girl watching television in her the comfort of her own home, forever changed by a stray bullet.

The parents of Zahara Walker say their daughter is recovering well. She is home now, but not going back to the Colony Apartments.

Zahara is not very talkative, but her parents say she's getting better every day.

It's been a trying week for the family, but Zahara is finally out of the hospital.

"I want to thank everyone," said Shanell Ward, Zahara's mother. "Everyone want to know how she's doing. She's happy now. She's better."

Ward says her daughter doesn't want to talk about what happened yet.

"Now that we know that she's okay, it's a better feeling, but physically, I know I have bad dreams," said Ward. "I try to keep that inside and just let her see the happiness on the outside knowing that she feels better."

Last week, during a gang-related shooting at the Colony Apartments, a bullet flew through the door and struck the 4-year-old. Now Ward says she's done fearing for her family's safety.

"I would never have her stay back at the house or go to somebody else house out there," said Ward.

Zahara says she was not scared, but her mom is. They're in the process of moving out.

The Mayor's office says the Columbia Housing Authority is working to help the family move to a location where they'll feel safer.

"I don't feel safe no more," said Ward. "I don't feel safe in the house. When I'm in the house, it feels the same as being outside."

Ward says she's grateful to be able to hold her daughter, and she does not plan to let go.

"Keep your kids under you because anything can happen in any given moment that can change everything," said Ward. "Keep your child under you because no one is safe. And what happened at my house proved it."

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