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Residents demand stop to violence in neighborhood where 4-year-old was shot

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The gunshots heard four days ago at the Colony Apartments were replaced with the shouts of people demanding peace in their neighborhood Friday.
About a dozen people from a group called the Genuine Determination Network demonstrated at the apartment complex Friday. They are outraged by Monday's shooting of Zahara Walker, a 4-year-old who was nearly killed by what police say was a stray bullet fired by Marcus Gantt. Police say he was shooting at a rival gang.

"I got a 4-year old so it hit me at my heart," said Emanuel Page, who was among the demonstrators waving signs and handing out water, trying to spread a message of peace.

"We decided to put something together to stand out here as a collective whole, to stand out here and see if there was anything we could do to stop the violence," Page said.

"We don't like to hear about children being in the way of a stray bullet," said Germon Bey. "That's frightening. They have children. They have daughters. They're here to let their voices be heard."

"We just want to bring attention to the fact that not all young black males are out to destroy their community," said Page. "What we do as the GDN is get out here to try to give back to the community."
It was just water and snacks Friday, but Page hopes it will help bring the community together at least a little bit.

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