Driving You Crazy: Lexington Co. roads

(Lexington) Sept. 9, 2004 - Carl Rowe was taking matters into his own hands. He lives on Fox Trot Trail in Lexington County and says the unpaved road makes for a bumpy ride, "If I had dentures, it would probably rattle it right out of my mouth."
You'll find him pulling a steel beam to smooth it out, making neighbors happy, "I've had a lot of them come out and give me lemonade and thank me for my time and what I've done."

It's not enough. He wants the road paved.

Fox Trot Trail is just one of hundreds of unpaved roads in Lexington County, some people have waited years for something to be done. News 10 wanted to know how they decide which roads get paved, and which don't.
Public Works Director John Fechtel says neighbors have to fill out a petition and the petitioned roads are then ranked, "The road that costs the most to maintain, the road that has the most houses on it, the highest number of traffic, should be the road paved first."
The current list has 329 roads on it with enough miles to go to charleston and back. The county says it only has money to pave ten this year. The cost is $350,000 a mile and Fechtel says it's paid for with gas tax money, "If we wanted to pave every road we have petitioned, I would need $81 million."
Fox Trot is ranked 25th and could be marked for repair next year, but it could get bumped down if a busier road comes along. So Carl Rowe could be pulling the beam for awhile, "Well, it being a dead end road, it's probably a dead end answer. I don't think it ever will be."

By Jennifer Miskewicz
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