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8 year-old Ridgeland girl prays for kidney donor


Eight year old Saniyah Lovett looks like any other girl her age she's playful, full of life, and a bright smile. But hidden behind that smile inside Saniyah's little body is an illness that leaves her in pain nearly every day.

But, she refuses to let it be her handicap.

"I mean, I know I'm sick, but I don't feel sick," said Saniyah.

Saniyah was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome when she was 4-years-old. According to her doctor, it causes her kidney filters, which are too big, to release protein into her urine.

"It causes swelling around her eyes, her belly, the legs, pain, and fever," said Lashon Lovett, Saniyah's mother. "She really can't do nothing that normal kids can do around her age."

But, it's not stopping her from enjoying her life, and living like a normal kids as best she can.

"She's handling it wonderfully," said Lashon. "She has her days when she's just like I don't want to do this anymore, but I explain to her we can never give up. As long as she keeps her spirit, we will make it through this."

But, it's hard for her to keep her spirits up when she continues to get let down. Saniyah has been on the list for a kidney transplant for the past three years. She was supposed to get on last year, but the donor backed out, and this time, her donor became pregnant. Now Saniyah has to wait, again.

But, with her family by her side, and her faith in God on her side, she believes she will finally get a kidney.

She said, when she does, the first thing she's going to do is, "eat pizza with extra cheese on it."

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