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Doctors: Safety a priority for Fourth of July celebrations


Consumer Reports says 60 percent of the injuries emergency rooms will see this Fourth of July are firework-related injuries, but doctors at the emergency room at Palmetto Health Richland say that's not the only type of injury they'll see this holiday.

Fireworks aren't the only cause of burns that send someone to the ER. Thermal burns from the grill can also mean an ambulance ride. July is the peak month for grill fires.

Pool and spa-related drownings also tend to increase around the fourth with many families choosing the beach or lake for their holiday celebrations.

ER doctors like Dr. Steve Shelton say many of these injuries can be avoided with a little common sense.

"If you're on the lake, make sure you're wearing a life jacket. If you're using fireworks, make sure you're using safety precautions, there's an adult supervision there, make sure you have water available in case there is a fire and just being smart using common sense for the weekend," said Shelton.

Already since the start of the holiday weekend last night, Palmetto Health Richland's ER has treated injuries related to a collision. Doctors tell us the majority of those who get injured this holiday are adults and those injuries are often times the result of too much alcohol.

Whatever you end up doing this Fourth of July, doctors advise safety should be one of your biggest priorities.

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