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Quick-thinking nurse, dentist save drowning boy

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Michael Truesdale Michael Truesdale

An 8-year-old boy is alive because of the quick thinking of a nurse and a dentist during a Memorial Day weekend pool party.

Michael Truesdale has no problem with water or swimming these days because his mother, Trish Truesdale, says he doesn't remember how close he came.

"I gave him his boundaries and told him to stay in the shallow end," said Trish. 

Truesdale, having been reassured by the many adults there, left her son at the pool to get cookout supplies.

"A lady called and asked, 'Are you Michael's mother?' I said, 'Yes.' She said, 'Come back to the pool right away.' I just started screaming," said Trish.

Michael was seen floating in the deep end and pulled out of the water.  He wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse, but he did have a chance thanks to nurse Heather Slater.

"He appeared lifeless," said Slater.

Slater, along with a dentist who just minutes before were enjoying a pool party, took quick action.

Coincidentally, they'd both been recently recertified in CPR and used it to clear Michael's lungs and get his heart pumping.

"I just went straight into work mode and I don't think I would hesitate if it happened again, unless it was my own child," said Slater. "Then I would go into mommy mode!"

"Everything that happened that day had the fingerprints of God on it because he put the people in place to save Michael's life," said Trish.

Michael's life is back to full speed. Trish has been showing her gratitude by sending pictures of Michael's milestones, letting Slater know what she saved.

"They said when they were resuscitating him that they treated him like one of their own children and that they loved him," said Trish. "Well if they loved him, then they gotta get the pictures."

Michael has returned to the water since and will soon get some swim lessons. And while he doesn't remember how the accident happened, he knows who was there.

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