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Camden Military Academy officials cleared in ex-cadet's lawsuit


Top officials at Camden Military Academy have been cleared of any wrongdoing in a lawsuit filed by a former cadet.

It took about 90 minutes tonight for the jury to return a not guilty verdict on all charges.

The former cadet alleged brutal beatings, sodomy, and rape all at the hands of fellow cadets. He also accuses academy officials of cultivating a culture of secrecy.

In a complaint filed in US District court, a Georgia couple accuses the school of allowing the hazing and sexual assault of their 13-year-old son when he enrolled nearly 5 years ago.

The complaint stated in a matter of days after the boy arrived at the academy, "he began to face a continuous barrage of physical abuse at CMA. Cadets repeatedly beat the boy in his face, body, and testicles. CMA cadets placed a plastic bag over his head and tried to suffocate him. And most horribly, two cadets sodomized him and one cadet brutally raped him."

When the boy tried to contact his parents back in Georgia, his requests were repeatedly denied by academy employees with some of his actions passed off as being "homesick."

The headmaster of Camden Military Academy released a statement, saying, "We are ready to put this case behind us and continue instilling self-confidence, leadership, and preparing young men for the future."

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