Officials: NY woman's 28-year-old remains found behind false wall

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY (CNN) - Remains found in the basement of a Duchess County, New York home have been identified as missing JoAnn Nichols.

A contractor cleaning out the home made the discovery Friday in the town of Poughkeepsie.

Police had been looking for Nichols since her husband, James Nichols, reported her missing in 1985. He died last December of natural causes at the age of 82.

Neighbors who spoke Sunday say they were stunned at the discovery of the remains.

"The Town of Poughkeepsie is really a small kind of town," said one neighbor. "It's not really like the city. We don't get that kind of stuff around here. It's a little shocking."

On Monday, medical examiners confirmed the remains belonged to Nichols. They were found in a sealed container behind a false wall.

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