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A novel approach: "Little Free Libraries" popping up in the Midlands

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Linda Suber, the steward of Columbia's first Little Free Library. Linda Suber, the steward of Columbia's first Little Free Library.

If the rainy weather has you wanting to curl up with a good book, the "Little Free Library" is open and free.

For the kids, a trip to grandma's house is always a page turning experience. That's because grandma is Linda Suber, the head librarian at one of the smallest libraries in Columbia.

"It has just been tons of fun," says Suber. "Loads of fun to have it."

 It's a "Little Free Library" that comes with little instruction; take a book, leave a book, or both.

"It's just a wonderful way to promote reading and if you don't have a library card you can come here and get a book," says Linda.

The project started in Wisconsin in 2009 and now has thousands of little libraries around the world.

Suber's was the first in town, however a second has already popped up just a few blocks away.      

The Little Free Library organization sells kits or you can design your own. Each one has its own personality.

"I just sort of got hooked into it," says Cathy Sligh.

Sligh lent her artistic abilities to the Suber's tiny shelter. "Cathy and I are big owl fans," Linda says.

Linda's husband helps keep it open around the clock. "My husband decided we should put a solar panel in here to have some LED lights inside."

"It changes several times a day," Linda says. "If we have a lot of people coming through I have no idea what they'll drop off."

"It's great for the community because people are passing by here at all hours of the day and you meet people you wouldn't normally meet."

So leave your library card at home and head to Heyward Street where you can open a book from the library that doesn't close.

For more information, visit: http://www.littlefreelibrary.org

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