Perspective: Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is badly needed in our nation. The lack of consistent policy and enforcement has become an economic burden and a procedural nightmare. Congressional leaders simply must find a bipartisan compromise that prohibits illegals from entering our borders but humanely deals with those who are not citizens but have been living and working responsibly in our nation for generations. It's been reported that nearly half of all illegal residents came here legally but are now living here with expired visas.

There are many hardworking immigrants who are contributing economically and socially to our state and to our nation. Diversity is the future, and we must find ways to embrace it with humanity and the proper control measures to insure that tourists and those who wish to immigrate here legally are not impeded in the process.

There is a solution here, and both parties must come together to pass immigration reform legislation that addresses this critical issue.

That's my perspective. I'd like to know what you think.

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