Final report delivered in Richland County elections debacle

Attorney Steve Hamm delivered his final report on the Richland County elections debacle that caused thousands of voters to wait in line for hours on Election Day back in 2012.

In some cases, it took six hours for voters to cast their ballot. Some couldn't wait and didn't get to vote at all.

Since then, we've heard a little about what led up to the problems and we have a new elections director.

In the final report, Hamm says a lack of organization and machines are ultimately to blame for all the voting problems from Nov. 6. He wants the board to take more responsibility in asking the right questions about voter registration numbers.

"A series of organizational deficiencies and lack of follow ups starting with this board and the executive director and the staff," says Hamm.

Hamm says these factors led to what he referred to as a "disaster" for the county during the November 6th election.

"There was a significant failure to place the appropriate number of voting machines at the precincts in Richland County," said Hamm.

Hamm also suggested the board adopt a policy requiring the executive director to provide monthly detailed written reports to the board so the board is equipped with information about the process up to Election Day.

"They need that," says voter Peter Kennedy, who attended the meeting Thursday. "They need the oversight that will keep the board involved in what's going on. It is their job. Even though its not their job to micro-manage, they need to know what's happening that's what good management does."

Hamm also suggested new policies for the future, such as the executive director providing monthly detailed reports to the board so questions and concerns can be address

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