Vintage plane pilots get creative to get around air show sequest - - Columbia, South Carolina

Vintage plane pilots get creative to get around air show sequester cuts

C-47 (Source: Wikimedia Commons) C-47 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Sequestration can't keep a good thing down. Those sweeping, across the board federal budget cuts may have grounded military jets from air shows, but that won't stop one grassroots group from saluting our military at the shore.

For several years, F-16s courtesy of Shaw Air Force Base have paraded down the entire South Carolina coast on the Fourth of July.

The impressive sight is made possible by organizers with "Salute from the Shore" and, of course, airmen of the 20th Air Wing.

This year, Shaw was forced to ground all air show flights, leaving "Salute from the Shore" with quite the predicament.

But, with some creativity, grit, and friends in high places, the salute will be a little closer to shore and a lot more vintage.

This year, you'll see a C-47 flown by Barry Avent from Bennettsville, an Air Force C-45 flown by Hal Ewing from Sumter, a Navy C-45 flown by Wendell Hall, and a Cessna 421 flown by Fred Price of Columbia.

The flights leave from Cherry Grove and go all the way down to Hilton Head.

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