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How to avoid, repel mosquitoes from bugging you this summer

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They're called bugs for a reason.

This summer mosquitoes could be bugging you even more, because of all the rain.

‘Tis the season of the soulless bloodsucker and in case you hadn't noticed, the mosquitoes are back with a vengeance.

"This is the worst season we've seen," said Collen Hasting who owns the Mosquito Squad of Columbia. She says all the recent storms have primed the Midlands for mosquito mating.

"We were in a semi drought for some time here, so you've got areas that are damp that haven't been moist in years," Hasting added.

That means if the mosquitoes haven't gotten in your face yet, they will soon. Eggs laid three to five years ago are hatching in the humidity. It's just a fact of life here in the Midlands.

In fact it's why the streets of Columbia are so wide.

Back in the 1700's city planners thought mosquitoes couldn't fly that distance to spread disease.

We now know they can go the distance, and we all know what we'd like to do to every single one of them.

But before you declare war on the outdoors, Hasting has some more sensible solutions.

The Mosquito Squad calls it the five T's:

  • First, you've got to tip out the standing water, daily.
  • Second, turn over anything that could catch it. And if it doesn't have a hole in it, turn it over so it doesn't stagnate.
  • Third, tarps and tires make sure you keep them free of water and allow them to drain.
  • Fourth, toss out your clippings because they're breeding ground for bugs.
  • You can also treat with a company like Mosquito Squad to put an invisible fence up around your property.

These are five steps that will help cut stem the "skeeters" and put a break on their breeding making your barbecues more bearable.

If you're not careful mosquitoes can cause some serious problems. They can carry a host of diseases to you and your family, and also heartworms to your dog.


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