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Clemson trustees approve 3% tuition hike

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Clemson University's board of trustees approved a three percent undergraduate tuition increase on Monday.

According to the board of trustees, the hike is all part of the university's 10-year strategic plan.

The increase will help fund the cost of additional faculty members and enhancements in student engagement programs, technology and facilities.

Clemson President Jim Barker said that even with the increase, Clemson remains a smart investment and a great value, particularly for in-state students who virtually all enter Clemson with a state-funded scholarship.

"Sticker price is a poor indicator of what people actually pay," he said. "For the fall 2012 semester, the average out-of-pocket tuition cost for South Carolina freshmen was 29.9 percent of the sticker price. The total weighted average out-of-pocket tuition cost for all in-state students was just under 50 percent."

The increase amounts to $190 per semester for in-state students and $444 for out-of-state students. Combined, the in-state and out-of-state increases represent the smallest overall percentage increase in 15 years.

The board also approved an average 3 percent increase in campus housing and meal plans, which amounts to an average of $68 per semester for housing and $46 per semester for meal plans. Revenues will be used to cover inflation and planned renovations and capital improvements.


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